Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Twelve to one pm

Well here we are. Lunches at the high school are blending in with the traffic of the regular working class lunch time of 12 to one pm. This is absolutely the worst time to be on the road till school is out. By two o'clock the kids seem to be back in school. The office folks seem to be back in their computer chairs. Now other people can get gas, run in and grab something from the health food store or pets mart or check out the mall. It's kind of quiet right now. Maybe another star bucks run for those who need one. Perhaps even Tuesday Morning is having a sale. Maybe Dillards is having a brah sale. Or a shoe sale? Oh, just wait till after school and work find out about all that! Then sometime after or before three the parents run to the schools to pick up the kids who don't have a car. This starts another blockof timeto avoid. Not sure how it works, because some folks get off work at three too. So that kindof starts the thing we used to c are strangers in town. Lots of them. Filling up the hotels and parking spaces you want everywhere you go. Eating at all hours, confusing everyone. Untill the game actually starts. Then the town is yours baby. Go anywhere you like! Eat anywhere, only the sports bars might be full if it's on tv. But you can find plenty of emty stores and other businesses to visit until the game is over. You might want to be home by then. It's really a mess. Especially with all of the construction going on around here. Oh what a night mare! It can take 30 minutes to get somewhere that should take five or ten. It's causing all kinds of usually nice folks to develope road rage and stay in it even after they get to their destination. And if you're a cab driver, I feel so bad for you! That brings us to ten or eleven at night when the bars are full. Traffic is still horrible. Midnight isn't quite so bad, at least if you aren't by the campus. Don't ask me about that. I don't have a clue. I do know that donut king is open 24/7 and you should try it! Best things I've ever tasted. Beautiful too. You'll never be the same after you go in there. You think crispy creams are good? You'll change your mind if your taste buds work at all. Now it's after midnight but not two when the bars close. So, either go to I HOP or go home and go to sleep. Those are just suggestions of course. You can do whatever you want to do. Don't call a cab at 1:45 though. Stay tuned for the Sunday traffic report.all the five o'clock traffic. it's nameis really not relavent any more but they still use it. It goes on and on till sometime after six. People have to go out and eat. Some think they just HAVE to eat at five. That causes some traffic problems.If you do make it to the place where you want to eat by five you're lucky. You can get right in unless it's Friday or Saturday. Then you might want to be there at 4 something. You can wait for hours in a line outside if you get there too late on those nights. Trust me! Then after six 30 or so the traffic dies down somewhat. Unless it's a football weekend. Then, WATCH OUT! There

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