Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I swear this page is confusing. This may be the longest title ever written. I can't seem to write a post. Here's one way. It's been a while to put it mildly. Long enough that I only have one rabbit and one of my birds that moved in with me all those years ago.. What happened to all of the animals? Well, my mother can have the most violent screaming fits I have ever heard. So violent infact that all but one of the rabbits had to leave their boddies. Same thing happened to two guinea pigs, and all I can say is I sometimes wish I could just leave my own body like that if things get really unpleasant. I mean unpleasant to the MAX! Well, one dove died from old age. So did Pine Cone. He was ten. Good for a hedgehog. I have two new birds to replace the two that left us. One got old and one was startled by a sudden streek of lightning in the middle of the night. Chirping away one second and gone the next. I heard it happen. I guess quick is good for the one that goes. Rather shocking for those who are still here. My wonderful Seeing Eye dog Inez (I Nezz) is still here. She just turned five on August 9th. Not to say she hasn't suffered from those screaming fits I mentioned earlier. She hates them as much as I do and we have tried hard not to let the screamer in here but of course there are times when it happens. I have a rule that if anyone needs to scream unless it is laughter or surprise, must do it outside so all the neighbors can hear it. This rule has cut down on the frequency of the fits quite a bit. I don't think they'll stop until she's dead but I'm working on not being present for them. They are like the weather though. You just never know when one will bust out. Everything seems fine one minute and then all of a sudden things are not fine. Like someone else takes over her body and a sudden blast of unexpected anger and rage is expelled. Let me tell you, it'll take the paint off a car! If it could be harnessed you could run your washer and dryer and other home appliances for quite a while on that blast. Sometimes it stops exactly as it began. Other times it has to be stopped and there are several methods to get that done. One method is to pick her up and carry her to her car, put her down and say, "GO HOME! NOW!" These blasts don't seem to kill spiders or ants. Just sweet furry creatures that do no harm to anyone. They should send people like that to fight in the wars over oil. That would get them out of my life and someone else could listen to it over there. Might work like a leaf blower and clear away unwanted trash and demolished buildings. I'm sure we could locate a few more to form a nice group for the military. Put an add in jobs wanted dot com with the name of your town at the beginning. Or the news paper. This one reads the paper. Probably the rest of them do too. Maybe not all of them do. We'd have to put ads on tv

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