Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Twelve to one pm

Well here we are. Lunches at the high school are blending in with the traffic of the regular working class lunch time of 12 to one pm. This is absolutely the worst time to be on the road till school is out. By two o'clock the kids seem to be back in school. The office folks seem to be back in their computer chairs. Now other people can get gas, run in and grab something from the health food store or pets mart or check out the mall. It's kind of quiet right now. Maybe another star bucks run for those who need one. Perhaps even Tuesday Morning is having a sale. Maybe Dillards is having a brah sale. Or a shoe sale? Oh, just wait till after school and work find out about all that! Then sometime after or before three the parents run to the schools to pick up the kids who don't have a car. This starts another blockof timeto avoid. Not sure how it works, because some folks get off work at three too. So that kindof starts the thing we used to c are strangers in town. Lots of them. Filling up the hotels and parking spaces you want everywhere you go. Eating at all hours, confusing everyone. Untill the game actually starts. Then the town is yours baby. Go anywhere you like! Eat anywhere, only the sports bars might be full if it's on tv. But you can find plenty of emty stores and other businesses to visit until the game is over. You might want to be home by then. It's really a mess. Especially with all of the construction going on around here. Oh what a night mare! It can take 30 minutes to get somewhere that should take five or ten. It's causing all kinds of usually nice folks to develope road rage and stay in it even after they get to their destination. And if you're a cab driver, I feel so bad for you! That brings us to ten or eleven at night when the bars are full. Traffic is still horrible. Midnight isn't quite so bad, at least if you aren't by the campus. Don't ask me about that. I don't have a clue. I do know that donut king is open 24/7 and you should try it! Best things I've ever tasted. Beautiful too. You'll never be the same after you go in there. You think crispy creams are good? You'll change your mind if your taste buds work at all. Now it's after midnight but not two when the bars close. So, either go to I HOP or go home and go to sleep. Those are just suggestions of course. You can do whatever you want to do. Don't call a cab at 1:45 though. Stay tuned for the Sunday traffic report.all the five o'clock traffic. it's nameis really not relavent any more but they still use it. It goes on and on till sometime after six. People have to go out and eat. Some think they just HAVE to eat at five. That causes some traffic problems.If you do make it to the place where you want to eat by five you're lucky. You can get right in unless it's Friday or Saturday. Then you might want to be there at 4 something. You can wait for hours in a line outside if you get there too late on those nights. Trust me! Then after six 30 or so the traffic dies down somewhat. Unless it's a football weekend. Then, WATCH OUT! There

Same day eleven to twelve pm.

Well, that worked out well. All of it is there! Since no one will read this anyway, I can just (as Elvis says) do it my way. If they made it easier to actually write the body of the post in a clearly marked place I'd do it. Since i 'm not able to find that place I'll just do it like this. What can happen? I might get some email telling me not to do it like that any more. We shall see. It's my blog though. If I want my title to be the post, then who really needs to worry about it? Like I said. If they'd make it so that I could find the thing to click on where the actual body of the post went, I'd do it. That's it for now.

I swear this page is confusing. This may be the longest title ever written. I can't seem to write a post. Here's one way. It's been a while to put it mildly. Long enough that I only have one rabbit and one of my birds that moved in with me all those years ago.. What happened to all of the animals? Well, my mother can have the most violent screaming fits I have ever heard. So violent infact that all but one of the rabbits had to leave their boddies. Same thing happened to two guinea pigs, and all I can say is I sometimes wish I could just leave my own body like that if things get really unpleasant. I mean unpleasant to the MAX! Well, one dove died from old age. So did Pine Cone. He was ten. Good for a hedgehog. I have two new birds to replace the two that left us. One got old and one was startled by a sudden streek of lightning in the middle of the night. Chirping away one second and gone the next. I heard it happen. I guess quick is good for the one that goes. Rather shocking for those who are still here. My wonderful Seeing Eye dog Inez (I Nezz) is still here. She just turned five on August 9th. Not to say she hasn't suffered from those screaming fits I mentioned earlier. She hates them as much as I do and we have tried hard not to let the screamer in here but of course there are times when it happens. I have a rule that if anyone needs to scream unless it is laughter or surprise, must do it outside so all the neighbors can hear it. This rule has cut down on the frequency of the fits quite a bit. I don't think they'll stop until she's dead but I'm working on not being present for them. They are like the weather though. You just never know when one will bust out. Everything seems fine one minute and then all of a sudden things are not fine. Like someone else takes over her body and a sudden blast of unexpected anger and rage is expelled. Let me tell you, it'll take the paint off a car! If it could be harnessed you could run your washer and dryer and other home appliances for quite a while on that blast. Sometimes it stops exactly as it began. Other times it has to be stopped and there are several methods to get that done. One method is to pick her up and carry her to her car, put her down and say, "GO HOME! NOW!" These blasts don't seem to kill spiders or ants. Just sweet furry creatures that do no harm to anyone. They should send people like that to fight in the wars over oil. That would get them out of my life and someone else could listen to it over there. Might work like a leaf blower and clear away unwanted trash and demolished buildings. I'm sure we could locate a few more to form a nice group for the military. Put an add in jobs wanted dot com with the name of your town at the beginning. Or the news paper. This one reads the paper. Probably the rest of them do too. Maybe not all of them do. We'd have to put ads on tv

Weather. Last summer we had no rain. This year I think we are up to almost two feet of rain. Now I do wonder what happens in the winter after this much rain and we're just in August. Almost at the end of it infact. Everyone is going back to school! Man I'm so glad it's not me. The traffic changes when school starts. In the summer it's just crazy all of the time. In the fall it begins to have patterns again. Morning shift sometime around 6:30 a.m. People leaving work around seven. Then between 7 and 8, a mixture of junk. People going to their workouts. People driving kids to school. People who wake up at the crack of dawn going to walmart or doing some kind of shopping. Oh, and the ones who walk in the mall. That thing opens early! Just for walkers I mean. Maybe eight or earlier. Then a lull between 8 and nine. Folks are at star bucks, getting ready to go somewhere at home, having breakfast with a friend, walking their dogs, waiting for stores to open up. Going to the grocery store, not walmart. Just the normal kind. IGA for example. Oh, and maybe some are getting donuts. Some are at sams club if they have that fancy kind of membership. Some are waiting till ten so they can go to sams. The lull ends close to ten. Oh yes! the mall is going to open up. The Dr.s offices might open, the next group goes to work out. Everyone trying to do something before the eleven o'clock lunch time at the high schools lets a herd of kids out who just got new cars and have no clue how to really drive them. And chick falet has a bunch of people outside the drive up standing there to take orders so they can move things along at an alarming rate of speed. Then of course Sonic is busy and Brams and pizza places. Gotta make sure you can get back to school. Maybe order your pizza online while you are in your class before lunch. Yeah that'll do it. And there's McDonalds of course. A mixture of school kids and people with younger kids from infant to five years old crammed in there. People at the cash regesters who only know how to push the buttons with pictures on them. No math skills or reading skills required. But if you give them some pennies to cover the tax! Oh my god. Where is that superviser? And I wonder if any of those kids just go to the bakery. Skip the beef and chicken and salad all together and go for desert only. And a extra extra large drink to wash it all down with

moving in

I wonder if anyone will ever read this. Well, I thought I'd give it a shot. I just moved from Texas to the town where my parents live. This is not something I would normally do but they are getting older and my baby sister lives here. She's really freeking out about it and I have quite a bit of experience with people getting older and dying. I'm a hospice vollinteer.  I'm also blind. Moving to a new place is a big deal for me because I loved the town where I used to live and I knew it well. I moved here with my Seeing Eye dog, my rabbits, my birds, and my sweet little guinea pig. Last but not least in any way is my funny and loving hedgehog named Pine Cone. He has tought me much about being direct and expressing my true feelings. You