Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weather. Last summer we had no rain. This year I think we are up to almost two feet of rain. Now I do wonder what happens in the winter after this much rain and we're just in August. Almost at the end of it infact. Everyone is going back to school! Man I'm so glad it's not me. The traffic changes when school starts. In the summer it's just crazy all of the time. In the fall it begins to have patterns again. Morning shift sometime around 6:30 a.m. People leaving work around seven. Then between 7 and 8, a mixture of junk. People going to their workouts. People driving kids to school. People who wake up at the crack of dawn going to walmart or doing some kind of shopping. Oh, and the ones who walk in the mall. That thing opens early! Just for walkers I mean. Maybe eight or earlier. Then a lull between 8 and nine. Folks are at star bucks, getting ready to go somewhere at home, having breakfast with a friend, walking their dogs, waiting for stores to open up. Going to the grocery store, not walmart. Just the normal kind. IGA for example. Oh, and maybe some are getting donuts. Some are at sams club if they have that fancy kind of membership. Some are waiting till ten so they can go to sams. The lull ends close to ten. Oh yes! the mall is going to open up. The Dr.s offices might open, the next group goes to work out. Everyone trying to do something before the eleven o'clock lunch time at the high schools lets a herd of kids out who just got new cars and have no clue how to really drive them. And chick falet has a bunch of people outside the drive up standing there to take orders so they can move things along at an alarming rate of speed. Then of course Sonic is busy and Brams and pizza places. Gotta make sure you can get back to school. Maybe order your pizza online while you are in your class before lunch. Yeah that'll do it. And there's McDonalds of course. A mixture of school kids and people with younger kids from infant to five years old crammed in there. People at the cash regesters who only know how to push the buttons with pictures on them. No math skills or reading skills required. But if you give them some pennies to cover the tax! Oh my god. Where is that superviser? And I wonder if any of those kids just go to the bakery. Skip the beef and chicken and salad all together and go for desert only. And a extra extra large drink to wash it all down with

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